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Small business owner, husband, and father

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Meet Matt Morgan


I’m not a politician. I’m an outsider and small business owner. I’m a husband and father to three beautiful children. I’m not running to serve special interests in Austin or to serve myself. I’m running to return government to the people.


Our state legislature in Austin has become too entrenched and too disconnected to hear the concerns of the Texas people. Texans want lower property taxes, a secure border, safe communities, and their God given freedoms protected. To deliver on these issues we need representatives who aren’t afraid to take on the establishment and stand up to special interests.


As the owner of an insurance adjustment business, I’ve spent my career taking on big insurance companies who refuse to pay their fair share to their claimants. I see the corruption and corporate greed behind the bought and paid for politicians in Austin on a daily basis. I know how to take on the special interests and I know how to win.


As your next state representative, I will put the Texas people first, not high dollar donors. I will do what I said I will do, not go back on my promises because its too difficult. And I will fight every day against the corruption and pay for play scheme that has stood between Texans and relief on property taxes and border security for decades. Enough is enough. It’s time to drain the Austin swamp.

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